SoI could now bore you with my CV. Or I could recount  how I got to meet Robert Frank, visit Luigi Ghirri, Bob Dylan, Arthur Russell houses; travelling alone in the US, and how lucky I was to somehow meet my heroes. 

But what if instead I narrate, in this 10 minutes presentation, the biography of an hero, not my biography, but the biography of this mythical and mysterious musician called Vietnik? His music is haunting all the pictures you’re gonna see here today.
In the era of TED talks, startup presentations, Snowden Leaks Powerpoint, Steve Jobs’ uncountable speeches and biopics (and before they start filming the epic life of David Bowie - probably starring Tilda Swinton as the protagonist), I’ll try to give a new life to Vietnik, just for you - so here’s his epic life, his biopic condensed in 15 slides.

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