.. Last week I had to send this 20 slides presentation - standard keynote - and this was supposed to be the first preview of my new work called “Vietnik”: to explain it in 5 words, Vietnik is a biopic of a musical persona called Vietnik.
I guess I’m supposed to speak about me and about what I do, but what if instead I try something else. I took with me this bag: inside there’s my books, CV, portfolio - but online you’ll surely be able to find all this stuff, so why repeat it here and show something you can see for yourself, directly now from your smartphones?
I’m gonna project pictures on a wall and this reminded me of the origin of cinema, where - the legend says - first audiences were scared of the train moving from the wall toward them.
So what if I try a new strategy: to use this narrative medium to tell you a story? Instead of my story, the story of the owner of this bag.

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